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Super cool how these guys did their analysis, came up with an innovative solution, and put it in play.—Rhonda Bompensa-Zimmerman, Director of Fitness & Wellness at GlobalTranz
Thank you for another awesome event, FWL team!—Matt Beckham, Client Success Manager of Axele by Optym
Excellent conference from platform to content... thanks for all you do for the industry!—David Roush, President at KSM Transport Advisors (KSMTA)
FreightWaves - another great virtual conference. I actually believe these are better than the live in-person events. The content and networking is more efficient the way it is presented.—Joseph D. Kost III, Trucking Operations Management, Insurance at TrueDTI


DECEMBER 3, 2020

What would you think about a cargo rocket lifting off from China and landing 30 minutes later in Los Angeles, ready to unload millions of tons of freight in need of trucks? How will transportation strategies rely on satellite communications in the age of space tourism? Opportunities abound for those interested in designing the networks of the future. Featuring experts from NASA, SpaceWaves will dive deep into the intersection of supply chains and space technology. Expect to discuss the transportation strategies of 2025 and beyond! This event isn’t designed for those who seek to rely on old and tired approaches to logistics and transportation. You’ll take part in an event to determine the possible, the innovative, and the new world of transportation, logistics and supply chains that we can build.

DECEMBER 15, 2020

Join supply chain experts as we discuss how to navigate the supply chains of the future. While we don’t expect things to ever return to normal, we are seeing emerging trends and data to show what we can expect in 2021 and beyond. Let’s work together to make supply chain disruptions a thing of the past.