FreightWaves’ signature demo format is your opportunity to showcase your technology in front of decision makers and industry leaders. Put your ideas to the test in 7 minutes or less. Past Best in Show winners are posted below! Apply today to demo your freight technology or solution in front of our audience of industry leaders. Share how your technology is designed to transform the industry by solving today’s biggest challenges.

Expect an audience of the most forward-thinking 3PLs and intermediaries in freight. Thousands of decision makers will be tuning in from the comfort of their own home to get their organizations prepared for the future. After the event, all attendees will be allowed to vote on Best in Show, the award given to the Summit’s most impressive demo.

We’ll provide you with the equipment necessary to make sure your demo looks and feels as exciting as possible. Fill out the form below to talk to a FreightWaves consultant about elevating your technology to world!