Company Information:


Jonathan Walters (presenter)

Eric Lisciandrello (platform demo)

Company Description: DLCartel was created in response to the question – when did transacting freight become so contentious? DLC accelerates long-term logistics marketplace transformation by reducing the information imbalance between carriers and customers, leveraging novel technology like Machine learning, AI, and innovative supply chain financing solutions. Meanwhile, we are making an immediate impact by improving rates and communication between carriers and customers. And then we donate a portion of our business to improve the world. It’s really that simple.

Product Being Demoed: DLCartel is a carrier community and shipper enablement platform that is easy to join and use.

Description of Demo Product: DLCartel is an essential platform for carriers trying to access the market, and customers to manage their freight, providing accurate location, planning, supply chain finance, and reconciliation tools; predictable, per-transaction costing, and RealRate™ information to make smarter logistics decisions. The DLCartel platform gives carriers all they need in ONE intuitive platform, while providing fundamental logistics management tools and essential data not typically accessible to small and mid-size businesses DLCartel unites carriers, providing customers with TRUE rate and location visibility as well as access to TL capacity usually reserved for a handful of large companies. Fortune 100? How about Fortune 120,000?


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