Lean Tech

Presenter(s): Alfonso Quijano

Company Description: Lean Tech specializes in providing highly performant development teams for US based companies through our near-shoring model focused on the logistics industry. We take care of your projects, by connecting fully trained tech talent with your development needs, whether related to custom software, AI, RPA and more.

Product Being Demoed: Lean Tech: Efficiency App

Description of Demo Product:  Lean Tech will demo a platform mapping out core needs in the logistics industry and convert them into relevant solutions through the use of technology. Our platform provides the best cost/benefit ratio in minutes. “Efficiency” the name of the new platform, brings the power of modern software development such as APIs, RPA, AI into one application. Through “Efficiency” users will be able to create core platform shells that are instantly usable and applicable to company needs: LTL portals, TL bidding platforms, Tracking portals, Email Automations, or Middlewares. All with minimal disruption to current processes and connected to your core platforms.

Lean Staffing specializes in the transportation and logistics industry and works with US-based companies to provide back-office solutions, enabling clients to optimize costs, scale businesses to their full potential, and improve profitability. We are a nearshoring solution, meaning your new office is in close proximity to the US and operates in the central time zone. Lean Staffing has revolutionized the way companies look to outsource their back-office. We do this by setting clients up with a satellite office in Colombia, South America with exceptional college-educated, bilingual employees to work any back-office roles.

For more information go to leanstaffing.com.


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