McLeod Software

Company Information:

McLeod Software will staff this Slack connection live each day of the FreightWaves LIVE Conference, between 9 am and 5 pm EDT

Presenter(s): Ryan Sparrow

Company Description: McLeod Software is the leading provider of comprehensive ERP solutions for transportation providers. The company’s LoadMaster and PowerBroker products include CRM, dispatch operations, EDI, a full accounting suite, billing and settlements, carrier, driver and trip management, robust business process automation, visual workflow management, comprehensive document management, and the best Business Intelligence/analytics solution in the industry, all specifically developed for trucking.

Product Being Demoed: McLeod FlowLogix with the new WebLogix RPA tools.

Description of Demo Product: McLeod Software is introducing a new WebLogix robotic process automation (RPA) extension to our popular FlowLogix business process automation (BPA) tools. The power of robust, highly configurable business process automation combined with robotic process automation tools gives transportation companies the power to implement custom process automation at a whole new level. In this quick example, we will show you how the combined power of BPA and RPA can improve both efficiency and velocity for common processes, such as driver on-boarding and termination.


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