Watch us route 1,000 shipments in less than 1 minute.

Presenter: Raguram Venkatesan

Company Description: Optym creates solutions that provide end-to-end optimization of shipment movements, including pickup and delivery operations, linehaul movements and multi-stop routing. Our suite consists of planning, real-time execution and monitoring systems to make transportation companies more efficient. The Haul Suite software allows you to measure the quality of your planning and execution through analytics so that you can identify areas for improvement. Through these capabilities, you can increase your company’s bottom-line profits without compromising on service quality.

Product Being Demoed: RouteMAX — https://routemax.com/

Description of Demo Product: Optimize your city operations by reducing miles while meeting all service commitments. With RouteMAX, you will be able to maximize on-time performance and driver productivity with efficient routes, delay detection and dynamic routing. RouteMAX gives users the reliable information they need to make the best routing and dispatching decisions and to deliver outstanding customer service. This includes efficiency measurement, data tracking, costing and claims mitigation. Dispatchers and planners can even use RouteMAX remotely, so expert users can dispatch multiple terminals from a centralized location.


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