Platform Science

Presenter(s): Darrin Demchuk

Company Description: Platform Science is an IoT technology company that empowers enterprise fleets to take control of their technology on one user-friendly platform. Founded in 2014, Platform Science makes it easy to develop, deploy and manage mobile devices and applications on commercial vehicles, a process previously defined by fragmented architectures and proprietary protocols. The platform offers flexibility and delivers an unlimited canvas to fleets and developers seeking to innovate and create new solutions as customers’ needs, businesses and industries evolve.

Product Being Demoed: Platform Science

Description of Demo Product: The Platform Science solution is a connected vehicle ecosystem – an open, extensible platform architected to support the scale and functionality of enterprise fleets. In previous FreightWaves demos, attendees were shown the extreme flexibility and openness of our platform. From using and configuring apps to directly building their own apps on the platform, fleets were given these building blocks to empower their drivers. Today, Platform Science will demonstrate how fleets can now use our platform to unlock the power of their telematics, software and connectivity services in a totally new and unseen way, designed to get them running from day one.


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