Presenter(s): Belinda Rueffer

Company Description: Spireon, the vehicle intelligence company, is the leading provider of aftermarket telematics solutions in North America. By equipping cars, trucks, trailers and other mobile assets with GPS devices and sensors, Spireon turns any vehicle into a connected vehicle. Spireon’s NSpire IoT platform powers all Spireon solutions, supporting nearly 4 million active subscribers and processing more than 1 billion data events each month. Learn more at www.spireon.com.

Product Being Demoed: Spireon’s IntelliScan®

Description of Demo Product: In this age of smart trailer, Spireon’s IntelliScan® raised the bar with advanced methods of cargo detection, leveraging a proprietary combination of ultrasonic, optical imaging, and laser time of flight to achieve 99.9% accuracy in cargo detection. IntelliScan reads the entire 53’ trailer, reliably and accurately, in extreme environmental conditions, and with irregular load types such as “soft” cargo like carpet or paper. IntelliScan’s artificial intelligence and machine learning now captures what it sees and arms carriers with what they need to combat detention and ensure trailer readiness. With IntelliScan, now you can see it, save it, and share it.


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