Presenter(s): Krenar Komoni, Tive

Company Description: Tive empowers shippers and 3PLs by providing enhanced visibility data for in-transit shipments across the globe. Our intuitive software and cost-effective multi-sensor trackers provide comprehensive supply chain awareness, reduce freight claims, and improve customer experiences. We enjoy the confidence of some of the largest shippers and logistics service providers, and brokers in the world.

Product Being Demoed: Tive Visibility Data Cloud

Description of Demo Product: We will showcase how our customers utilize the Tive Visibility Data Cloud to monitor the location and condition of their shipments in real-time. We will demonstrate how easy it is to place the single-use trackers on their loads, set up shipments, input temperature thresholds, set up the arrival and departure geofences, route deviation alerts, setup text message and email notifications for logistics, supply chain managers, truckers, and other stakeholders. Finally, we will show how a customer can perform analysis and gain insights around all of their shipments and supply chains in real-time.


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