TTN Fleet Solutions


Tyler Harden, Executive Vice President

Josh Dill, Director of Business Integration

Company Description: TTN Fleet Solutions has been the leader in unexpected maintenance event management for the most successful fleets in North America, using easy to use technology and a powerful network of service providers. Adding resources and operational security to the logistics supply chain operations, by showing a real-time look at over the road breakdowns. Founded in 2009, the homegrown web-based platform FleetAssist has allowed TTN to be a flexible partner to maintenance managers and carrier support groups. Now supporting hundreds of thousands of drivers and assets, let TTN show you what your organization is missing.

Product Being Demoed: FleetAssist client portal

Description of DemoProduct: A user friendly, sophisticated yet detailed view of live breakdowns your fleet maybe experiencing. We will show you the main features and drop a new live case into the system! Find out what many logistics support groups already know, FleetAssist is the ‘easy button’ to managing unexpected events and the best part is you have control every step of the way.


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