Presenter(s): Braden Pastalaniec, VP Transportation and Logistics, Uptake

Company Description: Uptake is the system of intelligence for industrial assets. Providing an AI-driven asset management solution that bridges the gap between industrial assets and front-line workers, Uptake gives all departments—including maintenance, operations, finance and sales—a single, shared view of every asset in an operation. With the power of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), Uptake helps customers monitor and increase the availability of assets, improve asset reliability, and streamline operations. Recognized for leadership in industrial IoT (IIoT) by the World Economic Forum, CNBC and Forbes, Uptake is headquartered in Chicago with presence in Canada, South America, and Australia.

Product Bing Demoed: Uptake’s Predictive Maintenance Software

Description of Demo Product: This demo will provide an overview of Uptake’s Predictive Maintenance software that’s currently helping customers like PepsiCo and Brown Transfer reduce downtime, remove unexpected maintenance issues, and save fuel costs. Uptake enables the next wave of fleet maintenance–moving from diagnostic and preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance. We will show how you can leverage real-time raw data readings and historical failure data, combine that data with the power of AI, to predict failures before they occur. Special to this demo, we will be showing one of our newest features in our Asset Explorer tool.


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