Presenter(s): Francis Roy, Vice President

Company Description: vHub is a tech startup aiming at building the first global semitrailer sharing community. We created vHub to help the transport community cope with the costly challenges of idle semitrailers and trailer repositioning. Additionally, vHub also provides renters with an easy way to find available trailers near them and save time & money. vHub is a division of Finloc 2000 Inc. the captive financial services company for Manac Trailers.

Product Being Demoed:The vHub semitrailer sharing and repositioning platform, vhubapp.com, and its mobile app

Description of Demo Product: We will cover how semitrailer Owners can easily make their idle trailers and trailers to be repositioned available on vHub. What the app does to ensure Owners remain in complete control of who uses their equipment and at what cost with the Reservation log and Equipment management features.

Our demonstration will also touch on how Renters can quickly see what equipment is available close to them, review specs and make a reservation in just a few clicks. Then will discover how drivers are being notified to activate a trailer, perform an inspection and report damages with the help of the vHub mobile app.


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