Eric Krueger

President & Co-Founder

Eric Krueger is the CEO and Co-Founder of, an AI-powered Software-as-a-Service platform, that automates the cash conversion cycle for freight brokers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs).

In his role, Krueger oversees all aspects of the company’s revenue performance, including managing its sales organization, executing its go-to-market strategy, and ensuring customer success.

Krueger has over a decade of experience in building and scaling software and technology services across multiple industries. He brings that experience to Navix as he focuses on providing clients with excellent products and services to help them increase their operational efficiency and grow their businesses.

Before his role at Navix, Krueger served as the Vice President of Sales at Crisp, where he was responsible for developing go-to-market strategies and driving the roadmap planning process for a broad set of growth opportunities.