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You haven't experienced an event until you've been to a FreightWaves event. Rapid-Fire Demos enable participants to showcase the latest industry advancements and technology with only seven minutes on the clock. Immersive plug-and-play kiosks, virtual booths, and live chat transform networking by breaking down the barriers between industry peers. Industry-leading speakers from across the world and beyond share the future of freight during keynotes, fireside chats, and FreightWaves TV shows. Rapid-Fire Demos, immersive networking, and industry-leading speakers—that's what makes a FreightWaves event a FreightWaves event.

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BEAt the clock

Rapid-Fire Demos

Do you have what it takes to present your product in record time? Rapid-Fire Demos showcase the latest industry advancements and technology by ensuring the most important details are covered as participants work against the clock. Whether it's a virtual or in-person event, you have seven minutes to introduce the audience to your company and product. Unique to Rapid-Fire Demos, once your time is up, the lights go out and the audio is cut—no exceptions. Regardless of the event format, compete against industry peers for coveted Best In Show recognition.

wo men sit on camera at a FreightWaves virtual logistics event with a live chat
Many people gather in a room for a supply chain conference and stop at check-in stations

connect with peers

immersive networking

Time and time again participants recognize the networking opportunities at FreightWaves event as one of their favorite parts of the experience. Whether it is an in-person or FreightWaves TV event, our industry-leading networking options enable you to make meaningful connections. At our in-person supply chain conferences, you will walk the exhibit hall featuring plug-and-play kiosks showcasing leading industry brands as well as flourishing startups. During our FreightWaves TV events we utilize a live chat to get the conversation started. The live chat allows you to network, interact with live content, voice your opinion, or connect with a demo company or sponsor, all without leaving your house.

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showcase your business

virtual booth + landing page

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A man interviews a woman with blonde hair and a white jacket at a logistics conference
A supply chain event speaker walks across a stage in a blue pinstriped suit

JOIn the conversation

industry-leading speakers

Visionaries from across the world of freight and beyond take a deep dive into what the future holds for the industry during keynotes, fireside chats, and FreightWaves TV shows. Become a part of the conversation by taking part in the live chat, connecting in real-time about the talks you are watching live with your peers.

This conference format blows my mind. So powerful to get everyone together. Just WOW!
10/10 It's been an amazing event!
—Whitney Munayyer, Managing Partner, Munayyer Group
Great job to the whole team!!! Lots of super fans out here, grateful for what you are doing to bring our community into the Digital Age! FreightWaves Rocks!!! #MoreCowbell—Mr. Supply Chain
Thank you for a great conference, FreightWaves! And kudos to all the companies who put together their videos. We know how tough it was working from home!—Anne Davis, Platform Science
Very well done! I'm sure it helps being in media. I'm not sure many would be able to pull off something like this without the experience.
—Steve Hankel
Incredibly well-thought out virtual event from the Freightwaves Team! The content presented was incredibly insightful and helpful, especially to someone like me who is completely new to this industry. This Slack channel was the icing on the cake, though. Giving those here today an opportunity to network via this platform set the bar for other events going virtual as well.
—Diana Guzman, Aptude

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