Evan Efsathiou

Burmester & Vogel/SkySail Advisors

Evangelos Efstathiou is the CEO of Burmester & Vogel Ltd, a Boston-based demurrage calculation and freight intelligence platform for commodity traders, industrial producers, shipowners, shipbrokers and port agents around the world. Evan led B&V’s $1.65 million Series A venture capital raise in September 2019 and subsequently acquired a leading freight tech company as a means to accelerate B&V’s growth.

Evan is also the CEO of Skysail Advisors Ltd, a logistics M&A advisory and strategy consulting firm he founded in 2016. Skysail combines knowledge and know-how of data science and software technologies with deep industry relationships with shippers, carriers, and financial institutions to deliver innovative solutions to the maritime, aviation, railroad and financial technology industries. Evan is an expert at designing and delivering solutions which unlock value in clients’ freight trading, scheduling and operations, asset investment and risk management activities.

Prior to B&V and Skysail, Evan was responsible for global sales and product management at leading maritime technology companies including Marsoft, Veson Nautical and Chinsay. Evan holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).