Sean Jones

Founder & CEO

Sean Jones is an inventor and serial entrepreneur.  As founder and CEO of Quick Loadz Container System (QuickLoadz), Jones designed and scaled production of a smart-phone controlled, heavy trailer capable of moving fully-loaded ISO shipping containers without external equipment. This innovation is poised to disrupt global freight markets by decreasing delivery speeds and increasing safety. QuickLoadz also facilitates the mobilization of humanitarian aid, emergency response, global defense and strategic command operations by allowing the delivery of loaded shipping containers anywhere in the world without the need for large expensive infrastructure and equipment.

Jones graduated with Honors from Ohio University’s Russ College of Engineering where as part of his Master thesis, Jones designed and built the circuitry and software to capture instrument landing system signals under contract for the FAA. Mr Jones was awarded a Stocker Fellowship for his work.

Mr. Jones left graduate school to pursue a business career. A series of successful startups and exits in businesses ensued. As businesses and industry increasingly adopted ISO containers to move materials, Mr. Jones realized that moving loaded containers is a global problem that he decided to solve. In 2013, TechGrowth Ohio recognized Mr. Jones as Entrepreneur of the Year for his work developing QuickLoadz. The automated system can move ISO shipping containers and other freight with the touch of a button on a smart phone. The system greatly increases efficiency and safety for a global system of trade that moves 175 million containers annually. QuickLoadz is the only company in the world with an automated system to move loaded sea shipping containers.