A.K. Schultz

Co-Founder & CEO
SVT Robotics

A.K. Schultz leads the overall company vision as well as product and go-to-market strategies for SVT Robotics. His work has primarily been in the Fortune 500 corporate sector leading the design and implementation of high-profile automation projects across multiple industries. He brings a unique understanding of customer needs and a knowledge of the innovation needed to drive solutions that meet client’s business goals. To date, he has overseen the successful deployment of over half a billion dollars in automation.

A.K. has created a pathway for top companies to lead the way in automation including Tesla, Walmart, Baxter, Target and Gallo.

Currently, A.K. is the co-founder and CEO for SVT Robotics. Founded in 2018, SVT Robotics is a software company that is revolutionizing robot deployments in warehousing and manufacturing industries. SVT’s software platform enables companies to easily connect their enterprise systems to any robot or automation, in a fraction of the time, empowering them to be highly competitive within the marketplace.

A.K. grew up in Virginia and graduated from Massachusetts Maritime Academy with an engineering degree. The former U.S. Army Officer went on to secure his MBA from William and Mary University. He currently resides in Chesapeake, Virginia with his wife and two daughters.