Adam Robinson

VP, Product Marketing SONAR

Adam has worked in the field of digitizing business, marketing, and sales processing since his first job out of college at a start-up where he provided self-employed and small business entities with affordable health benefits and didn't look back in his career.

Adam took his knowledge from helping companies achieve their goals via digital marketing to the logistics and freight industry in 2012 as Director of Marketing for a mid-market 3PL, Cerasis. Adam grew the Cerasis website traffic from 700 visits per month to over 200,000 visits per month built on the back of sustainable search engine optimization traffic, aiding the company in tripling company revenue before the company was purchased by GlobalTranz in 2020.

Adam is taking those same strategies and tactics to FreightWaves SONAR, already implementing a robust content marketing strategy that has increased traffic by 3 times, aiding in increasing Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) and Sales Accepted Leads (SALs), all while putting an emphasis on improving close ratios to yield an increase in overall revenue.