Adam Wingfield

Founder & Managing Director
Innovative Logistics Group

Adam is the Founder and Managing Director of Innovative Logistics Group.

The Charlotte, NC-based company is a Trucking Consulting and Carrier Services firm that focuses on providing resources and success guidance to small carriers. Adam, a South Carolina native, and 22-year industry vet started in the industry in 2000 as an OTR company driver. He quickly progressed to fleet ownership, purchasing his first semi-truck at 23.

Adam began his collegiate study at Johnson C. Smith University, where he began his studies to complete his degree, Magna Cum Laude in Business Management/Supply Chain from Strayer University.

As a trucking visionary, he managed to amass a portfolio of trucks under management and progress into executive mentorship, all before the age of 30. Driven by his passion for success, Innovative Logistics has helped thousands of carriers, small and large, with countless resources and mentorship. His firm has hired over 100 individuals to help bring the Innovative vision to life in the industry. With that, he turned Innovative Logistics Group from an asset-based trucking company to a multi-million dollar trucking consulting/carrier services firm in a few short years with his intense focus on efficiency and margin control.

Adam has been awarded multiple industry awards, including outstanding achievement and industry leader awards. With his passion around success and determined to improve the landscape of the industry for small carriers, his end goal is simply to “leave the industry in a better place than he found it…”