Alex Mai

Mutha Trucker News

Alex Mai is a highly experienced truck driver who has been in the industry for over 10 years as an Owner Operator. During his career, he started documenting his trips and sharing his experiences through various social media platforms, particularly YouTube. Over time, his online presence grew, and he became one of the most prominent social media personalities in the trucking industry.

Currently, Alex Mai boasts an impressive following of over 763,000 subscribers and followers across Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and other social media platforms. His engaging content and informative videos have captured the attention of truck drivers and enthusiasts worldwide.

One of Alex's notable contributions to the trucking community is his creation of the immensely popular show called Mutha Trucker News. This show, which is primarily shared on social media platforms, focuses on spreading awareness, providing valuable information, and inspiring truck drivers to achieve success in their careers. Through Mutha Trucker News, Alex delivers updates on industry news, shares tips and advice, and highlights inspiring stories from fellow truckers.

In addition to his online presence, Alex Mai is also a co-owner of Big Rig Tees, a widely recognized apparel brand in the trucking industry. Big Rig Tees offers a range of trucking-themed clothing and merchandise and has established a presence in hundreds of truck stops across North America. By combining his passion for trucking with entrepreneurial endeavors, Alex has successfully expanded his influence beyond social media.

Overall, Alex Mai has become a respected figure in the trucking community due to his extensive experience, engaging content, and commitment to spreading awareness and empowering fellow truck drivers.