Alyssa Norcross

Senior Product Manager

A self-proclaimed ‘industry brat,’ Alyssa grew up in a family full of Logistics professionals. Dinner conversations consisted of way too many acronyms (LCL, FTL, 3PL, POD, BOL) but watching her family travel to interesting new places for work and the collaborative solutions discussed around the family dinner table inspired her to begin her career at an International Freight Forwarder after college.

As a Senior Product Manager at Revenova, Alyssa continuously collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to gather insight to develop new Product features and improve business efficiency. Because of her 10-year history working in supply chain management and a lifetime of industry knowledge, Alyssa anticipates and deftly navigates the challenges of an ever-changing, fast-paced market. This experience has allowed her to implement innovative solutions that solve the supply chain challenges of today while planning for tomorrow.

Alyssa graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and history. On road trips, her favorite activity to pass time is quizzing her friends on the different names for each truck they pass. Conestoga wins every time. She was born and raised in Chicago and boasts to know all the best pizza spots in the city!