Amrith Ravi

Section Partners

Amrith Ravi is a Partner at Section Partners, where he invests in numerous growth-stage companies and provides solutions for personal, structured financing to founders, executives, and key shareholders of various venture-backed technology companies. Amrith has led or been involved in over 75 transactions while at Section Partners. His experience includes investments in and transactions with FreightWaves, Project44, EasyPost, TechStyle, and Benchling, among others. Prior to Section Partners, Amrith was a buy side investment professional in the hedge fund and private equity sectors for over 20 years. At Infinitas Capital, a long/short equity hedge fund, Amrith was a Managing Partner and jointly-responsible for all of the firm’s investment activities. Prior to Infinitas, Amrith was a Vice President at Riverside Company, where he was one of two team members responsible for public equity initiatives at the firm.