Andy Whiting

Co-Founder and CEO
Better Trucks

Andy Whiting is co-founder and CEO of Better Trucks. An inventor, entrepreneur, and business executive, Andy loves to solve complex, real world problems with technology. He decided to make delivery “better” with Better Trucks, a software-driven, last-mile delivery carrier built for digital commerce. Andy has extensive experience in the logistics industry, spending most of his time before Better Trucks building a large scale asset based carrier and contracting for FedEx, Amazon, XPO, and Ryder. Prior to his logistics career, he led business development for strategic growth at Solstice, a software engineering firm serving Fortune 500 clients. He spent five years as co-founder and head of product development for venture-backed startup Clean Urban Energy, specializing in energy optimization for large commercial buildings. Andy is a proud native of Paducah, Kentucky and graduated from the University of Notre Dame.