Anthony Kamar

Head of Product and Technology
Xpress Technologies, a division of U.S. Xpress

Anthony Kamar serves as the Head of Product and Technology at Xpress Technologies, the brokerage division of U.S. Xpress, and a top 50 brokerage. In this role, he’s responsible for leading and developing the division’s marketplace product line which includes a broker, carrier, and shipper-facing products.

Prior to joining Xpress Technologies, Anthony was the CEO and Co-founder of Haulynx, an IoT logistics technology company acquired by U.S Xpress in 2020. His early career focused on developing advanced avionics systems for commercial aircrafts at Honeywell Aerospace.

Anthony received a double Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Arizona; in electrical and electronics engineering and in laser and optical engineering. He also holds a master’s degree in embedded systems and digital signal processing from Arizona State University.