Bill Thayer

Founder and CEO

Bill Thayer is Fillogic's Founder and CEO. He has over 30 years of experience in retail logistics, ecommerce, technology, store operations, and consulting. Bill started his career in the Buyer Training Program at Macy's, moved to Loehmann's (a $500M retailer) where he ran the Company as COO / CIO. Bill worked again with Macy's to help design and set-up the Macy's Backstage logistics network. Through 2020,  Bill was the CLO of Century 21 Stores (an $800M retailer). He has worked with companies like Barneys, the Hearst Corporation, and SDI Systems, a logistics automation manufacturer. During these 30 years, Bill noticed a major gap in the logistics capabilities supporting physical retail locations. He identified a need for a local market logistics network, converting underutilized space in  shopping malls into micro-logistics capacity in the middle and last mile. Using these locations as logistics nodes, the Fillogic team has developed proprietary technology and solutions that create a connected, efficient, B2B logistics network.