Cassandra Gaines

Transportation Lawyer and Consultant
Gaines Law Group, LLC

Cassandra has significant legal experience in the transportation industry both as in-house counsel for some of the largest transportation companies in the industry and as a transportation litigator at a nationwide law firm. Cassandra prides herself on keeping pace with the quickly changing industry and helping her clients stay ahead of legal issues just around the corner.Cassandra is the founding partner of a boutique transportation law firm and consulting group dedicated to transforming legal service in the industry. Prior to establishing her law firm, Cassandra served as the Associate General Counsel of Claims and Litigation at Schneider National Inc. Cassandra not only led a team of adjusters at Schneider but was responsible for the legal outcome of all claims and litigation arising from the transportation of goods. She managed hundreds of lawsuits and attorneys across the country and developed a unique understanding of litigation trends and strategies in the transportation industry.Prior to Schneider, Cassandra worked for one of the largest transportation brokerages in the industry, Echo Global Logistics Inc., where she was the lead in-house attorney and Director of Cargo Security. At Echo, Cassandra built a legal department, developed a contract management program, and managed a carrier-compliance department. She was responsible for reducing cargo theft, during a time in which the industry was plagued with theft across the country.Prior to going in-house, Cassandra was a transportation litigator at a nationwide law firm. During that time, she gained experience representing trucking and logistics companies in litigation, contract negotiation, cargo claims, unpaid freight charges and risk management matters.Cassandra’s legal practice is enhanced by her prior business experience in New York City at two Fortune 500 companies, where she gained a wide range of experience in sales, marketing, operations (including wholesale and distribution) and management. Cassandra’s holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Financial management from Cornell University. She received her law degree from University of California, Hastings College of Law.