Chris Mullen

Senior Director, Organizational Safety

Mullen is currently the Senior Director of Organizational Safety for Aurora, leading a team of experts designing and implementing Aurora’s Safety Management System, Safety Logistics and Facilities, Safety Investigations, Occupational & Industrial Safety, and providing Operational Safety governance and oversight. She was previously the Uber Advanced Technologies Group Safety Standards and Analysis Director, leading a team to identify, develop, interpret and apply safety standards, industry best practices, safety metrics, analyses and conformance practices. Prior to Uber ATG, Mullen was VP of R&D for Solera, Inc. responsible for an advanced automotive repair research and training center. As Director of the Technology Research Division at State Farm®, she was responsible for auto and building technology research units, automobile manufacturer relations, the Vehicle Research Facility, and the Technology Research and Innovation Laboratory. She also held engineering management positions for technical and regulatory affairs with Toyota Motor North America and Nissan North America, focused on crashworthiness regulation and biomechanics research. She has held numerous leadership positions with professional organizations, chairperson positions for industry collaborative partnerships like MCity and CChIPS, and sat on two university industry advisory boards.