Craig Marris

President and Co-Founder

Craig Marris is a one of the Co-founders of Coretex and was originally from New Zealand and has been based in the US since 2006 where he launched the North American Operations. Over the course of 12 years, Craig has established a very successful distributor network where the Company is now the second largest provider of telematic solutions to the Refrigeration Transportation segment. Craig was instrumental in launching the “In Cab” Compliance solution in 2009, which includes electronic driver logs, driver vehicle inspection reporting, and electronic fuel tax reporting.  In 2015 the Company expanded portfolio beyond eRUC (electronic road user charges) , refrigerated monitoring and in-cab and compliance solutions, to include telematics in construction and ready-mix. In 2015, Coretex also acquired Air Trak to add waste and recycling to the portfolio.  Coretex has offices in Auckland, New Jersey, San Diego, Melbourne, Sydney, and Singapore.

Prior to his time with Coretex, Craig had a 14-year career with ExxonMobil where he lived in Washington DC for five years.