Curtis Spencer

Bloodhound Tracking Device

Mr. Spencer is the CEO of IMS Worldwide, Inc. (IMSW) and Bloodhound Tracking Device, Inc., (BTD) headquartered in Houston, Texas.  Mr. Spencer is a nationally regarded expert on matters related to:

• Logistics and Intermodal Shipping Trends, Ports, Inland Ports and Rail-Served Logistics Centers and how they Impact Industrial Real Estate.

• Development and Utilization of Foreign-Trade Zones for Importers and Exporters

• Impact of E-Commerce on Logistics and Supply Chains and Industrial Real Estate

After spending 22 years searching for a tracking and security solution, in 2021 Mr. Spencer launched BTD with a pair of NASA engineers and Mr. Steve Schellenberg, another IMSW alumni.  BTD is now the leading track, trace and security device for containers, trailers and chassis.