Drew Herpich

Chief Commercial Officer
Nolan Transportation Group

Drew Herpich serves as Chief Commercial Officer for Nolan Transportation Group (NTG). NTG is a nationwide leader in strategic truckload shipping and third-party logistics (3PL) services dedicated to delivering the highest level of service in the transportation industry. Drew joined NTG in July 2020 in their headquarters of Atlanta, Georgia.

Drew has gained extensive expertise in the supply chain industry with 15 years of experience. He has dedicated his career to growing supply chain logistics and creating new business opportunities for the companies he has worked for. He is experienced in all aspects of operations management, sales management, new business development, marketing, strategic planning, leadership and direct sales.

As a new addition to the NTG Executive Management Team, Drew has advanced NTG’s position as an industry leader with best-in-class services. His expertise is perfectly suited to strengthen execution capabilities across the company’s long-term growth objectives. Drew seeks to continue to grow NTG to further develop its enterprise and to bring differentiated, long-term solutions that drive supply chain efficiency, visibility and sustainability across its network. The addition of Drew to the transportation company has reaffirmed NTG’s position as a leader in the transportation space.

He previously worked at Coyote Logistics for more than 14 years, joining the team in 2007 where he rose through the ranks from GM to director to assistant vice president to vice president and, finally, senior vice president of carrier sales and operations.

Drew is instrumental for the success of NTG. His mark on the supply chain industry has not gone unnoticed and will only continue to grow as his career and company brand. However, even with all of the success Drew has had in the supply chain industry, he has remained humble and constantly seeks to make his company more productive, efficient, sustainable and better any way possible.