Ed Stockman


Ed is a results-driven leader who has a proven track record of developing revenue models, expanding businesses, and owning P&L’s. He began his career as a sales representative at Echo Global Logistics and later worked with smaller, local Chicago brokerages to drive sales and business growth. As head of sales at Transfix, a digital freight brokerage in New York City, Ed was instrumental in raising over $75M in funding. During his time at Transfix, Ed led a team that implemented innovative solutions to help customers reduce costs, increase capacity, and enhance customer service. Prior to joining Transfix, Ed served as the director of sales at Redwood Logistics, where he was responsible for the success of the sales department and the growth of new and existing customer accounts. After identifying a need for a brokerage alternative for enterprise shippers, Ed founded newtrul in October 2018, where he continues to leverage his expertise to create cutting-edge solutions for the freight marketplace.