Emily Chiarizia

General Counsel
Armstrong Transport Group

Emily Chiarizia serves as General Counsel for Armstrong Transport Group, a leading third-party logistics partner to shippers, carriers, and freight agents.

Chiarizia manages the carrier, claims, and legal operations departments at Armstrong. In her role, she is responsible for litigation management, internal policy development, compliance, risk management, contract negotiation, and the resolution of commercial cargo matters for Armstrong's 130 agency offices.

Chiarizia acts as a liaison with outside legal counsel for all legal matters. She understands the relationships between freight brokers, carriers, railroad companies, shippers, and the stringent regulations that impact the transportation industry. She also appreciates the unique issues related to intermodal transportation, carrier selection guidelines, cross-border transportation, and increased consumer demand.

Before joining Armstrong, Mrs. Chiarizia was a litigation attorney at Franklin & Prokopik, PC, a nationally known trucking and transportation firm located in the D.C. Metro area.

In 2020, Armstrong was nominated as Transport Topics’ Top 25 Freight Brokers in the U.S. due to its $475 million annual revenue and network of over 65,000 carriers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.