Emmanuel Carrillo

Talon Logistics

Meet Emmanuel (Manny) Carrillo, CEO of Talon Logistics, Inc., a leading trucking logistics asset based company, offering first-class freight transportation and customized logistics in all the major ports. Manny has been with the company for nearly a decade — working in nearly every job including a night dispatcher. He was named CEO in December 2019. Since taking the helm, Talon Logistics, Inc. has grown nearly 45% annually. Manny has expanded the business regionally from Southern California for Drayage and intermodal – to Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. In June 2022 he started Talon Freight Solutions, a full brokerage company to further help his customers.

Manny enjoys wearing multiple hats and is known for his passion, authentic nature and loyalty. Coming from humble beginnings, he attributes his success to a strong work ethic. Manny believes in “paying it forward” and is happiest helping people reach their potential – whether it's employees, customers, partners, or family and friends. His favorite expression is “Dreams are my Driving Force!”

In December 2021, Manny and his wife founded ALC Yards, a subsidiary of ALC Investment Group, a yard company that stores trucks, trailers, containers, and chassis. There are currently seven yards (Inland Empire and Long Beach CA and Savannah, Georgia and Houston), for a total of 35 acres.

Manny has a Bachelor of Business Administration, Management and Operations from California Baptist University.

Connect with Manny Carrillo on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/emmanuel-carrillo-02619752/ | Talon Logistics, Inc. at www.linkedin.com/company/talon-logistics-inc.