Gautam Narang
CEO & Co-Founder

Gautam Narang is the co-founder & CEO of Gatik. Gatik’s mission is to deliver goods safely and efficiently using autonomous (self-driving) vehicles. The company focuses on business to business (B2B), short-haul logistics for the retail industry, enabling its customers to optimize their hub-and-spoke operations and meet the increasingly challenging demands of today’s consumers. Before launching Gatik, Gautam was the CTO of Otsaw Digital, which built the world’s first ground-aerial outdoor security robot and partnered with the Dubai police force to deploy 100 units. As an engineer and researcher with over a decade of experience in building diverse robotic systems — from moon rovers and bridge inspection robots to off-road autonomous vehicles and bomb-disposal robots — Gautam is currently focused on building a real commercial product at scale. He believes that light duty autonomous vehicles will play a major role in addressing critical logistics industry pain points, dramatically reducing costs, and achieving a shared ethical responsibility to improve road and environmental safety.