Jake Battles

VP, Sales & Business Development

Jake Battles leads the Business Development and Sales departments of REPOWR. REPOWR is refining the way transportation companies utilize over-the-road equipment (trucks, trailers, chassis, shipping containers, etc.) To do so, REPOWR is pioneering the world's first connected, collaborative asset-sharing platform and equipping logistics companies with the tools necessary to share and manage assets across locations, teams, and networks, efficiently and sustainably.

Jake joined REPOWR in January of 2022 after working with Transport Enterprise Leasing, LLC out of Chattanooga, TN. Prior to his time with TEL in the tractor and trailer leasing space, Jake worked with Covenant Logistics Group. While at Covenant, Jake worked in the Managed Transportation and Operations segments as well as the Carrier Services division which focused on providing fuel, maintenance and roadside discounts along with invoice factoring to carriers in all 48 states.

Jake graduated with a degree in Speech Communication and Rhetoric from The University of Lynchburg in Virginia. He lives in Chattanooga with his wife, Natalie and daughter, Callaway. He is an avid boater, college football fan and enjoys all things automotive.