Jeff Ogren

SVP, Business Development & Strategy
Trucker Path

Experienced mobile supply chain leader with extensive background in logistics/transportation strategy and management consulting. Additional experience creating strong partnerships through business development efforts, organizational strategy, business analytics and mobile / SaaS technologies. Proven track record of driving change, making high impact decisions and transforming the Transportation and Trucking industry.

Jeff is a rare, talented entrepreneurial enthusiast who works with Trucker Path to help turbocharge its brand and strategy & planning improvement initiatives. Ogren has strong leadership experience and a track record of creating substantial value for startups and consulting experience with some of the most notable brands in the industry. His considerable strengths complement companies like Uber Freight and Trucker Path’s constant drive for being customer-obsessed and bringing new ideas that drive growth.

Jeff has ten plus years of experience in the tech space leading strategy & planning efforts in the transportation and logistics industries. He’s worked with a variety of innovative companies where he led critical strategic projects and served on the multiple founding teams leading its Strategy & Planning efforts.

Prior to Uber Freight, Jeff served on the founding team at Trucker Path, America's largest and most used platform for the trucking industry. In addition to Trucker Path, Ogren served as the Enterprise Account Executive for Randall Reilly, a marketing service whose clients include some of the trucking industry's biggest names. Ogren's impressive background in the trucking and freight industry is integral to his future.