John Esborn

Director, Head of International Transportation

John has over 4 decades of experience in the international transportation industry. A diverse experience heavily weighted towards start-ups. Starting early on in his career by opening freight operations in new “local” markets his experiences expanded to North America and on to global 3PL start-ups. He is particularly proud of are starting a parcel hub for Emery Worldwide (acquired by UPS) in the 90s, building his own final mile, white glove delivery network for the original Ecommerce furniture company - in the early 2,000s and creating the global NVOCC for eCommerce consignment seller Wayfair. Scaling the latter from 0 containers in 2017 to 70,000+ in 2021. All three very unique and extremely rewarding challenges.

Most recently, John was selected to be a part of the FMC’s National Shipper’s Advisory Committee. John takes this honor and the importance of representing the ocean shippers very seriously. And keeping with his core start-up persona he has moved to a rapidly scaling BCO, Perch (, who is one of the leaders in the new Amazon Aggregator acquisition market.

John’s advice to anyone starting in the business is that in spite of all the cutting edge technology Logistics is still a relationship business. It is the contacts you make, who you help and who will help you that make the challenges of the logistics world easier. Build your network and try to understand a little something about all things logistics

National Shipper Advisory Committee

The National Shipper Advisory Committee is a federal advisory committee. The Committee will provide information, insight, and expertise pertaining to conditions in the ocean freight delivery system to the Commission. Specifically, the Committee will advise the Commission on policies relating to the competitiveness, reliability, integrity, and fairness of the international ocean freight delivery system. Membership will be comprised of 12 representatives of entities who export cargo and 12 representatives of entities who import cargo.