Jon Monroe

Jon Monroe Consulting

In 1998 Jon launched Jon Monroe Consulting with the belief that the supply chain was becoming too complex for most companies to manage on their own. Jon has worked with NVOCCs, shippers, ports and technology companies to help streamline processes and improve results. Today Jon represents one of the largest privately held NVOCCs in China and provides middleware solutions through SYSM, a cloud based, proprietary purchase order management system that provides transparency into factories in Asia. Jon is the author of Yangtze River World Report, a 381 page e-book documenting the development of containers and infrastructure along the Yangtze River.  Today he tracks China’s COVID Supply Chain and provides a weekly COVID Supply Chain update to companies trying to navigate the new environment.  Jon Monroe Consulting was founded in 1998 and this year is launching Cargo Butlers, a dba of Jon Monroe Consulting.