Jonathan Kempe


Jonathan is a technical founder with over 20 years of experience as a systems administrator across a broad array of IT disciplines. He has held a number of diverse roles over his working life: from senior positions in large corporates, founding and running several small businesses, holding trusted roles in nationally accredited NFPs and NGOs and working in an (Australian Defence Force endorsed) satellite communications provider. As a Cybersecurity Ambassador with the New South Wales Cybersecurity Innovation Node, Jonathan engages with staff, students and officials on a range of cybersecurity matters e.g. industry integration and building the curriculum. Jonathan is well connected within the Australian Start-up community, regularly contributing to business innovation and industry advocacy groups in IoT, biometrics and supply-chains.

With a unique and creative vision, Jonathan drives the aspirations and goals of Verifai, an innovative supply-chain security company based in Sydney. He is passionate about solving global problems, loves to work alongside like-minded individuals, and is dedicated to building real solutions that positively transform the world.