Jonathan Rosenthal

Saybrook Management

Jonathan Rosenthal joined Saybrook shortly after its inception in 1990. He brings 29 years of logistics experience in complex transactions as an advisor, operator, and investor on behalf of financial institutions, bondholders, investors and his own account in public and private enterprises. While head of Saybrook’s Advisory Group, Mr. Rosenthal led some of the largest transformations in history, including Pacific Gas and Electric Company and United Airlines. Prior to joining Saybrook in 1990, he founded and served as Chairman and CEO of NetAir International Corporation, which became the nation’s largest non-scheduled certificated carrier. Mr. Rosenthal serves on the boards of Esri Saybrook Partners, LLC, Taylored Services, Global Infrastructure Solutions, Total Transportation Services, and Harbor Performance Enhancement Centers. He chairs the USC Center for Global Supply Chain Management and chairs the U.S. Department of Infrastructure Finance Sub-Committee.