Julian Counihan

General Partner
Schematic Ventures

Schematic Ventures is an early stage venture capital fund focused on technology that makes & moves the world. The fund is based in San Francisco and was founded by investors with backgrounds in supply chain, automation and e-commerce technology. Established in 2017, Schematic has portfolio companies touching every aspect of supply chain: freight (Leaf, Platform Science, Flock Freight, Torch), delivery (Pandion, Airspace, FloorFound), warehouse (Outrider, Plus One, CognitOps, SVT), manufacturing (Fulcrum, Symbio) and international shipping (Altana, Mercado, RPA Labs).

Julian Counihan started a career in technology as a software developer at Fortna where he worked on warehouse control & automation systems. After a period in technology investment banking, he began investing in industrial hardware and supply chain sectors at a venture capital fund in New York. Julian holds an MBA from MIT and a BsC in systems engineering from UVA.