Justin Bailie

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer
Rose Rocket

Justin Bailie is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of leading TMS provider, Rose Rocket.

Bailie and his team build modern enterprise-grade software that helps transportation companies improve communications with systems, customers, partners, and teams.

A life-long entrepreneur and Y-Combintor Alumni, Bailie is recognized as a subject matter expert in the logistics industry through his extensive experience building and successfully exiting businesses, including a brokerage and consultancy firm.

Bailie is an advocate for knowledge sharing, having contributed to over 30 national and international publications, including: INC magazine, Huffington Post, and the Globe and Mail.

Bailie spends his time building the next foundational elements of freight-technology, while working with Rose Rocket customers to future-proof their systems, and their marketing and sales strategies.

Bailie is also a published author, keynote speaker, and father of four.