Krenar Komoni

CEO & Founder
Tive, Inc.

Krenar Komoni has developed breakthrough ideas in data analytics, logistics, and electronics design for nearly 20 years. As an innovator and market leader, he has successfully developed and led cross-functional teams while enhancing business performance in sales, finance, supply chain logistics, distribution, and manufacturing. Most recently, Krenar founded the Global Supply Chain Visibility company Tive and serves in the CEO role. Tive is a cloud-based platform that uses IoT sensors to capture critical real-time shipment sensor data as products are shipped worldwide. Krenar embodies the leadership, management, and vision necessary to deliver market innovation, drive growth, and unlock hidden potential. Previously, Krenar worked at BitWave Semiconductor, developing the world’s first software-defined radio (SDR), Eta Devices, an MIT-based startup developing highly efficient cellular base stations, and has provided consulting services for various Fortune 500 companies on chip and system-level wireless design.