Kristi Montgomery

VP of Innovation, Research & Development
Kenco Logistics Services

Kristi is a dynamic explorer of strategic innovation that drives transformational change.  She is the executive leader of Kenco Innovation Labs, a dedicated team focused on industry digital transformation and innovation, identifying over $40M in cost saving opportunities in the previous five years.  With 30+ years of logistics and supply chain experience, Kristi leads the combination think tank and practical working physical lab partnering with entrepreneurs and startups to pilot solutions and deliver business value through practical application of innovation for the 200+ customers that Kenco serves in North America. 

Kristi holds a BS in Organizational Management from Covenant College and is a Certified Specialist in Design Thinking and Innovation as awarded by the Darden School of Business, University of Virginia. Kristi is an accomplished facilitator of ideation and design workshops utilizing Strategyzer, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and a variety of innovation techniques to focus on step-level change.  Kristi serves the industry speaking, participating as a panelist, and publishing articles promoting supply chain innovation.  She actively supports WERC, Chattanooga Technology Council, and STEM initiatives and serves in various non-profit organizations in her community.