Lidia Yan

NEXT Trucking

Lidia Yan is changing the way shippers and carriers connect in order to meet today’s growing transportation demands. As the CEO and Co-Founder of NEXT Trucking, Yan runs the world’s first trucker-centric, tech-enabled marketplace that efficiently matches freight with available truck capacity, easing the logistics bottleneck. With smart-matching and predictive load technologies, the NEXT platform provides enhanced supply chain visibility for shippers, as well as a better experience for truckers, who gain more control over their schedules, routes, and rates. Prior to founding NEXT Trucking in 2015, she served as a marketing executive at Newegg, where she managed a $22 million marketing budget while keeping the cost of overall sales under 1 percent. Before Newegg, she founded 9luxe, a leading flash sale site in China.