Matt Silver

Co-Founder & CEO

Matt Silver is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cargado, an early stage technology startup revolutionizing how U.S.-Mexico cross-border logistics is executed. Silver is an industry leader in cross-border freight whose career spans over a decade, deeply rooted in the industry since his teenage years. His expertise lies in integrating technology with traditional logistics practices, emphasizing the industry's evolution while acknowledging the importance of relationships.Matt's notable career began at Coyote, where he was instrumental in establishing and leading the Mexico department, which he helped integrate into UPS in 2015. In 2018, he founded Forager, a Chicago-based venture-backed freight tech company that revolutionized freight movement between the US, Mexico, and Canada. Forager’s platform provided comprehensive solutions for shippers and carriers, powered by a uniquely built internal TMS, enhancing the overall efficiency of cross-border freight.In early 2022, Forager was acquired by Arrive Logistics, marking a significant stride in cross-border logistics. This acquisition combined Forager's cross-border expertise with Arrive's domestic network, accelerating growth and establishing Arrive as a leader in North American cross-border logistics.At the end of September 2023, Matt left Arrive and embarked on a new project with a focus on further innovating U.S.-Mexico cross-border logistics. His vision and leadership continue to shape the future of U.S.-Mexico logistics.