Nadeen Vawter

Quality Assurance Engineer

Previous to working at FreightWaves, Nadeen received her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2013. Nadeen started her transportation journey in 2014 at U.S. Xpress Logistics as a Capacity Buyer I. She quickly learned how to build working relationships with carriers and that helped her grow her book of business. She worked her way up within U.S. Xpress Logistics as a Capacity Buyer II and eventually made it to a Capacity Supervisor. As a Capacity Supervisor she managed anywhere from 7-12 Capacity Buyers at a time, helping them build relationships with their carriers and passed along insights into the freight industry. After 4 years at U.S. Xpress Logistics, she moved to a smaller brokerage that worked heavily in the flatbed market. She has been with FreightWaves for over a year now, starting in sales in September 2018. After becoming an expert in the SaaS platform SONAR, she decided to move into the product development side. She is currently a Quality Assurance Engineer and works closely with the data science and development team.