Norman Highnam

Transport Refrigeration Consultant, Cold Chain Expert
Highnam assist

Having started out as a young and skinny apprentice for Petter Refrigeration based out of the mobile engineering site North of London. 

I learnt about the Cold Chain from my fellow engineers and from all the transport staff and drivers that I would meet on a daily basis.  Through that, I came to appreciate the need for the Cold Chain and how rapid intervention was needed when equipment failed in transit. 

After a few years as a mobile engineer, keeping the countries food, medicine and in some case maggots on the move.  Fate deemed that I would be better off behind a desk rather than a wheel.  

I took the helm for refrigeration at one of the largest and toughest truck rental companies in the UK. And I saw what service levels were like first hand. 

I returned to the main dealer operation for Thermo King in Europe I used my new skills and knowledge to help transform the industry and to make sure it had a voice in Government  and it was involved in all key industry related events and issues and it focused on delivery and safety for all parties.  

I now use my 35yrs of knowledge to help new ideas grow that will change the face of the reefer market forever.

It is my mission to make the Cold Chain come clean.