Rebecca Salt

Amazon Freight

Rebecca Salt (she/her) is an influential marketing leader, brand and communications strategist. Steering global communications, consistent brand messaging, reputational management, and employee engagement to position organizations as industry leaders.

She joined Amazon in 2015 and over the past eight years has focused on improving, developing and enhancing Amazon’s reputation internally and externally in various roles focused on marketing, community and employee engagement and media activity within Amazon Operations.

Today she leads the marketing team within Amazon Freight, the inhouse creative engine across Amazon Delivery and leads rhythm of the business and DEI across the ATS Tech.

Prior to joining Amazon, Rebecca worked in a variety of marketing, knowledge sharing and communications roles for global businesses; including Exel Logistics, DHL, CEVA Logistics, Balfour Beatty plc and United Biscuits.

Rebecca is married and has a 12-year-old daughter, two dogs.