Sean Laidacker

Managing Director
Loyalty Logistics

Sean is the co-founder and managing partner of Loyalty Logistics. Sean started his career at a young age of 22 and worked as a Logistical sales representatives for 11 years prior to opening Loyalty Logistics in February, 2017. The company is young, diverse and in a short 6 years has expanded to have offices in Montreal Canada, Chicago, Monterrey Mexico, and most recently Bogota Columbia with a staff of 70 valued members and more. Sean has lead this once small organization to become a multiMillion dollar company while constantly maintain his core values at the heart of the company. The company and himself believe in trust, people and family.

The success of this organization lies in it's employees and empowering each staff member to grow beyond levels within our organization perhaps not even considered. Loyalty continues to grow beyond expectation annually and our reach, our values are expanding more and more with each passing day. Sean and the whole company embody the idea of a personalized service while encouraging honest, open communication within all levels of the organization. At Loyalty we value the employee, ensure we can support them both professionally and personally and in turn the employee will relay the same passion, same commitment to our customers and shipping partners alike.